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This is an easy way to get money.. but first you need to have the Race Track built. Which for me took a while, but it might vary on the way you play. Well once you see a few races you can begin to notice who will be 3rd place at the beginnign of the race on the first bend in the track. If you know that your two aren't going to win just sit there till it ends. I recommend you pick the odds that get you the most cash. And when you bet, bet pretty big. Unless you don't have much cash.. then keep on betting.. you'll eventually win back the money you lost and then some. I made 200,000 on this. Now money is no problem huh?Me
If you manage to get a Barong-type familiar then you can feed him items which he'll convert into a random completely different item, including rare items not found anywhere else in the tower. Very cool and useful. To feed him the item simply carry it above you, face him and toss it. Then he'll spit out the new item, but will cost about 13 magic points, a small price to pay :) Just keep giving him pita fruits and junk you don't use.Deathgrip
(This one is great!) Here is how to get your familiars up levels, super fast. First you need to advance to, say level 20 or higher, depending on how experienced you want your familiar. Next you need have brought a familiar with you that you don't need or want, and you also need an egg with the familiar you want leveld up. Hatch the egg in the tower and the familiar will be at the same level, experience wise, as you are, but will not return home with you when you leave, BUT if you fuse it with the familiar you brough from home you CAN take it back with you, effectively giving your new familiar 20+ levels.. or whatever level you are at!Deathgrip