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When you are fighting the dragon tank you must destroy the head first and then the wheels. You can use Fire or Lightning which means your tech attacks are useless unless you kill the head then go berserko on the wheels and watch the fireworks Not really usefull except for those who didn't read thesheet the guard dropped. Also keep using tonics to restore your HP.llhong
In the Mountain of woe, there are 'rubble' monsters, which are one of those monsters that gives 100 ap for each kill and use lock-tech. There is one that re-appears. After the first save spot, go all north, then east across the chain. You'll come across two chests and a rubble. get teh chests, kill the rubble, then go back down the chain to the first screen, go back up and the rubble will be back. Davron
To get Magus' ultimate equipment go into Ozzie's fort in 1000 AD, when you get to the part where the giotine is going really fast, you can notice the big space the the southeast. Go to the northern portion of the black area and keep pressing down until you come into a hidden room, inside the chests is his equipment. Me
Once you have beaten the game through once you'll get New Game +, this is a really cool feature. When you get Marle go to where Lucca is but don't talk to her, go up to the right portal and enter it, this will take you to Lavos, fight and beat him, and you'll get the Programmer's Ending.. its pretty cool! Me
This is a helpful hint for getting a rather nice weapon for Robo. When you enter the mountain where you get the broken piece of the masamune hug the right side of the screen and you should go into a secret entrance of sorts. There you can get the mirage hand for Robo. It is a pretty good weapon at that point in the game. Also you can get a mop by stealing from Nus.. it doesn't matter which ones, well they need to be blue :) But as far as I know the only reason you'd want it is in order to have all the stuff in the game because the mop is the weakest weapon in Chrono Trigger.Zorba9