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You can get the mage summon spell by fighting Mages in the magnetic cave (cave of magnus?). If you fight balloons on the moon you can also win the Bomb summon. It is kind of rare to get these though, but keep fighting them and you'll get em.Mitru
Silence Staff. To get this staff fight conjureres over and over again. I don't know the chances you have of getting this, but I do know that they are very slim.FFIVMaster
The crystal sword. This sword is a nifty little weopon to add to your armory. The swords attack power is a whopping 250. This is better than excalibur. To get this sword get to teh end of the game in under 20 hours (Not sure if you really have to play under 20 hours..). While walking downward toward the core you will come to a room with stairs on the left and to the right of you. Walk down yhe left ones then walk straight left across the open gap the invisible floor.FFIVMaster
In the center of the moon as you approach the last boss there are lots of tough enemies. Sometimes they leave behind cool weapons and other treasure. The Red Dragons sometimes leave behind a FireBomb which is one of those nifty things Cecil uses at the beginning of the story. Also the Blue Dragons randomly leave behind a Dragon Whip which is the strongest weapon for Rydia. You can also steal Artemis arrows the strongest ones from a Kary.
Here is how to defeat Asura fairly easily. You need to have Rosa cast Wall on Asura.. and make sure you keep it up on her so she can't keep healing herself. Then you'll have to use fighting only to beat her. It may take a few minutes, but it's an easy way to kill her.Me
Go into Baron Castle after you get the Big Whale, and go down into the basement that was previously blocked by some power. Here you can fight Odin, and win his power. This is a pretty simple thing, but it can be forgotten while playing this magnificent game.Me
When you get into the Underworld and you go into the crystal room. (Where you fight the Calbrena) go through it all, and as soon as you have control again, in the dwarves castle. Have Rydia cast warp, and you'll go back into the crystal room. Snag the Dark crystal and continue to play until you get to the part where you have to go to the cave in the southern part of the underworld. Instead of having to go through it, the game will see you have the crystal and the sequence with Kain will happen. And then you can just continue on without even going through the rest of the cave.Me
Just a hint, after you beat Milon the first time, change your parties formation so that when MilonZ attacks you'll already be in the correct formation for the surprise battle.Me
Here is how to get Excalibir. Get the rat tail from a chest in the Caller's village and then go get out of the underworld and get the hover craft. Go to the Silveria or whatever that town is called, with the frogs and mini people. Then hop in the hover craft and go into the cave northwest. Give the rat tail to the man and he will give you adamant. Go back down to the underworld and go to the southeast corner of the map, and go into the house. Go talk to the guy. He should say somethign about the adamant. Then after the Giant of Babil portion of the game, go back down there, and the guy should have the excalibir done.Me
A nifty way of gaining experience is to go to a place that has a conjurer in it. Like the Caller's Cave. Just keep fighting the things she dishes out, then after you get tired of it, kill her, and you should rack quite a hefty some of experience :)Me
This is for anyone who just wants to say they have everything in FF2.. most people probably don't know this.. You can win an Imp Call spell from the imps.. I got really lucky one day and actually did get it, in the Cave of Mist. I am not sure about the chances of getting it, but I hear it is really small.Me
Here is the way to get the illusive spoon dagger. When Edge throws it, it knocks off a whopping 9999 HPs! Once you are able to go from the underworld to the overworld freely via airship go to the sylvan cave and talk to Yang. Next head back up to the overworld and speak with his wife in Fabul. She'll give you a pan. Take the pan with ya back down to the underworld and hit yang over the head with it. NOW go back to Fabul and his wife should give you the spoon dagger. Yippy!Tellah