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This is actually a glitch, but it's cool anyway. First put Relm and Gau on your team. The other characters don't matter just have Relm and Gau. Equip Relm with the runningshoes and go to the Veldt and walk around until you get into a battle. Have Gau leap and get into battles until he comes back. Then AS SOON AS HE COMES BACK still in the battle and before he says "me friend" or some crap like that have Relm sketch him. Twice. You have to be REALLY fast to do this. If you do it right either your characters will go nuts and change into other characters, the game will freeze, or you'll get like 255 of every item. Pretty neat. ?
If you didn't defeat all the little mice things in the Opera House when you were going on the rafters, then go back there in the world of ruin and fight one of them. When you win you'll be back in the world of balance. Kind of a neat trick.. but you won't be able to get back to the world of ruin so save your game before trying.Mitru
How to gain 20000 exp in one battle with very little risk. Easy, take one person in the World of Ruin to Doma Castle with the exp egg equiped and vanish them. Walk around in the green land. Your only risk is the TumbleWeeds that cast lifeshaver.James Robillard
A simple Fenix Down can save a lot of hassle if used on the Ghost Train or Hidon, but to the few players actually powering up Strago for Kefka's tower, I suggest letting Hidon live long enough to attack Strago with Grand Train.Michael Pitcher
To get the economizer, you need to go to the dinosaur forest, north of the Veldt, in the World of Ruin. To get it you have to fight a Brachiosaur.. they are pretty rare though, after the battle you should receive an economizer. I am not sure about how often it is given away though, but that is where to get it.Me
(Addition to my above cheat.) Sure you can get Economizers from Brachosaurs but they're pretty tough. There are other ways to get Economizers. You can steal them from Aquilas which are bird-like things in the Phoenix Cave. Sometimes they give a potion or something cheesy but they DO give Economizers. Also if you bet the Gem Box at the Colosseum you can win an Economizer.Clandon
In order to get the experience egg, you need to go to Daryl's Tomb. Go to the room with the four graves (The ones with the words on them) They look like this: :: Each dot represents a gravestone. Read them in this order; the one in the lower right, lower left, upper right, upper left. It is The World is Square backwards. Now go to the four empty gravestones and choose to carve something. Make it read the world is square (backwards). And you can get the Exp Egg :) (I can't remember if you have to read those gravestones in that order..but may as well anyway...).Me
This is a slow but worthwhile process of gaining levels. While you are on the Lete River with Bannon, you come to this one path where you can choose to go left, or straight (I'm pretty sure). Its the last one where you can pick which way to go. If you go straight and you'll notice that you will come back to where you started.. ok set the controls in the config to memory, so it remembers what command you last did. Have Bannon set to heal, and whatever else you want for the others (except magic because you'll run out). Now tape down, or set your controller to auto and they will keep going round and round killing monsters and gaining exp. When you first start out you may want to keep an eye on it until Bannon gains some levels and heals faster. To get to really high levels you'll need to keep it on for a long time.. like hours and hours..Me
A neat trick on getting lots of experience for a character quickly. Go into battle with one character instead of all of them. That person will get all the experience.. and it is quite a hefty sum too :)Me
The time to set the clock to in Zozo is 6:10:50. This will gain you the chainsaw :)Me
Confused on how to save Shadow? Most people know, but I thought I'd share. On the floating continent don't jump into your airship when the time is counting down. Go to it and when it asks to jump or not, just say no. When the timer almost runs out, Shadow will appera and you can find him again in the Cave in the Veldt, where Relm is usually found. (Also notice the nice grammatical error here..heheh, "She's hurt badly", or something to that effect.)Me
A really easy trick to beat those dern tought monsters and bosses is this: Cast vanish on them, then stun em with X-Zone, they'll be sucked in every time! I like to use this on Intangir on the triangle island in the World of Balance. You get lots of magic points for that.Me
You CAN save Cid.. it surprised me that in the strategy guide they didnt' even mention it..so I thought I would here. All you have to do is keep feeding him Yummy Fish. Catch the ones that are moving fast. Then he'll perk right up and will see you off on your journey to find your friends..instead of the dramatic Celes tries to commit suicide shpeal..which is still pretty good :) You don't really get anything from saving him except a feeling that you saved him..Me
Wanting to learn those spells..but can't get enough points to gain those spells? Well go to the island of Thamasa in the WOR, and go into the desert. You will fight little cactrots here. Cast Ultima or vanish and X-Zone em. You can also fight them.. but I you might miss alot.. They give a lot of magic points.Me
When I played through my first time I never noticed this, so I thought some of you may have done the same thing. When you get Gogo check his status screen. You can change his commands around, and use any of the other characters commands.. I never had a habbit of looking at the status screen, so I missed it.Me
So you think Imps are weenies eh? Well if you equip them with Imp Armor, Titanium, Imp Halberds, and a Tortoise Shield.. those little green dudes can kick some ass :)Me
Here is a small list of spell tricks you can use; If you cast Doom on a person who has the Relic Ring equipped, it will heal them. If you use a Revify on a zombie monster it will kill them instantly... bye bye Bone Dragons! Just a couple nifty peices of info.Me
You can get a cursed shield from the man in the house behind the Relic shop (Thanks to James for correcting me on that), in Narshe, in the World of Ruin. You equip it and think, Aaah I'm not using this!.. think again. If you have it on for 255 battles it will astonishingly turn into the Paladin shield.. one of the, if not the strongest shield in the game!Me
(This is kind of a wierd trick and I am not positive of it's validicy but hell try it anyway!) When you first meet Cyan name him Leo. Now his sword tech will be at level 4 instead of 3. Cool eh?Tellah
After Kefka goes insane and destroys the world and you have a chance to get into Narshe, do so. Once there have locke unlock the door to the weapon shop. A guy there has a peice of magicite that he can forge into a sword. If you forge it you get a pretty good weapon which you can wager at the coliseum and win Illumina. Which is the best sword in the game aside from Atma Weapon. But if you keep the magicite you can learn the most powerful spell in the game, Ultima! I would choose to keep the magicite, as the benefits of Ultima far outway those of the sword. [This hint was kind of edited by me]Blitz
There are 8 dragons in the game and once you kill them you get Crusader magicite. With it you can learn Merton. The 8 dragons can be found in the following places:
1. The Opera House
2. Narshe: in the field where you fight that battle with Kefka
3. The star shaped mountain.
4. In the ruins beneath Figaro Castle when you shuttle to Kohlingen.
5. Mount Zozo
6. Cult of Kefka's Tower
7. & 8. In Kefka's Tower.
[This hint was kind of edited by me... Was Doom Gaze one?]