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Before you go beat the Ruby Weapon you need a few things. You need Nights of the Round on at least level three, a HP absorb Materia, a ribbon, a Mystile, a Phoenix Materia on at least level 1, a W-summon Materia, a Mime materia, enough MP plus materia to have 999 MP for one person, and enough HP plus materia to make everyone's HP 9999. When you have all of these things equip all of the materia, the ribbon, and the mystile to one person and the extra HP plusses to the other people. Preferably, Cloud should be the person to keep alive. Make sure the Knights of the Round is linked with the HP Absorb Materia. After you do that go into battle and kill the other two people. Now go fight the Ruby Weapon. Make sure you don't bring the others back to life. First use W-Summon and cast Nights of the round twice. Try to run away the second the Ruby Weapon starts to cast Ultima. You can stop running when he finishes casting it. Even though you can't run away, Ultima should miss but sometimes it still hits you. Since Knights of the Round drains back your life you won%92t need to heal. On the second round make your person mime. On the third round do the same. On the fourth round choose W-Summon and cast Phoenix and then Knights of the Round. This will kill the Ruby Weapon and bring your other party members back to life. Make sure you pick Phoenix first then Nights of the Round. If Ruby Weapon uses Ultima the others will survive if they have close to full life.jeagle
Link hades and added effect on your weapon and you will attack with frog, confusion, slow, sleep etc. Link it on your armor and you will be immune to these. Link master summon or KoTr with mp turbo.Neo Steven
To get a gold chocobo follow these steps: Breed 2 Great chocobos at S class with carob nuts. Do this until you have a green & blue chocobo. One male one female. Breed the Green & Blue chocobos at S class with a carob nut until you get a black Chocobo. Catch a wonderful chocobo that's the opposite sex of the black chocobo and breed the black & wonderful chocobos at S class with the zeio nut until you have a, viola, Gold chocobo. Great chocobos can be caught at Mideel and wonderful ones can be caught in the ice continent. Carob nuts can be stolen from Vlakoradoses south of bone village and Zeio nuts can be stolen Afrom goblins which live on an island east of the the first continent. The one with chocobo farm.Hoover
To get yuffie randomly fight her in any forest on the world map and after you defeat her you will go to another screen. Don't use the save spot and talk to her. Answer the questions correctly and you'll be able to name her and she'll officially join your party.Hoover
In the north cave you fight the Master Tonberry's. If you morph them they turn into Ribbons, which protect you from all status changes. You can also steal elixers from them. After stealing a bunch of elixers you can feed the magic pots in the 'lake' fork and get a huge load of exp and ap. They are more commonly found in the 'rocky' fork in the cave. Davron
Once you get the W-Item Materia, you can do this trick. Put the cursor over the item which you would like to have alot of. (You must have 2) Then press circle.. I'll just say A. Pick the character you want, then hit A again. Pick the same item again and hit A then instead of picking a character hit B or the x.. (I am used to snes controls) The number should rise one. Then just keep hitting, a b a b a b ... until you get 99 or as many as you want. It only works on items you can use in battle. But now you can have 99 mega elixirs!Me
So you want to always win at Chocobo Racing? Well when you start the race, hold in L1, L2, R1, and R2 and you'll notice that your speed increases like you are dashing, but your stamina doesn't go down.. well it does a little, but not much. You can always win this way, except occasionally the black chocobo will win if you race him..Me
If you have a master Pheonix and a master Final Attack materia, equip both of those in the same slot and then when you die your party will be revived and you will all be restored to full health. [Necessary tactic when fighting the Weapons]Dante