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- Newbie's Guide -

Ok. So you are a newbie huh? Well here I'll try and help you get started and help you a little. Oh and before I go on I just want to say I don't know all the technical crap and stuff so this stuff will be pretty easy for YOU to understand.  Hmm where to start..ok It is ILLEGAL to own rom images that you do not own the actual cartrige for! Rom images (Read Only Memory) are the actual game that you want to play. So lets say you wanted to play Final Fantasy 2...you look around on the net and you will find the rom image for it.  When you have found it you just simply have to download the rom (which is somewhere between 1 and 2 megs-Not very much seeing as how it is a real game..) Once you have downloaded the particular game that you would like to play you are probably wondering well how do I play them..simple. All you have to do is go to my emulator page or another site. Pick the system that the game is for..example: You download Final Fantasy 2 so you will need a snes emulator like Snes9x snes97, esnes, etc.  Find the site where the emulator is kept...an easy way to find the site is go to the Emu News site and go to their links section.  There you can find every emu in existance! Go to the site download the emu  (emulator) and READ THE README that comes with it.  Then you will know exactly what to do for that particular emulator. Some are different than others. I don't know them all because I mainly just play snes and nes.  Note that some emulators are still in development and therefor may not have everything emulated (or like done for the system.. ie: sound, different modes, etc.)  Then simply load the rom with the emulator and viola! Your playing FF2!! Cool huh?  It isn't too hard to get the hang of emulattion...but some have trouble. Me, I learned in no time flat.  Most is common sense. Oh I know some of you will probably ask but please don't ask me for help with an emulator unless you have read the emulators particular readme. Thanks. I guess that is about the gist of things...I know it is pretty lame, but hopefullay it has helped you out.  This newbie page may grow and more help provided later if nexessary so  you can check back if you care.