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This is one of the hidden chests most people don't know about. In the mushroom kingdom save before you go into the castle for the first time. Go into the castle talk to toad and when he goes up to the throne room jump on his head. Then jump up at the door from the first screan and you will find a platform. There is a hidden chest with a frog coin in it up there. (The save is in case you mess up while trying it the first time.)jgrobillard
Stuck on the flag search from Monster Town? One flag is hidden under Mario's bed, another behind the sign in Rose Town, and the last between the "O" and the "A" in the goal sign at Yoshi's Island. When you go back and stay the night again, you will wake up with the Ghost Medal already equipped.Michael Pitcher
Just a couple fun things to do. Late in the game (I'm not sure exactly when) head back to Rose Town and stay a night at the inn. Link from the Legend of Zelda series will be staying there as well. To see Samus Aran from Metroid, stay at Mushroom Kingdom Inn after Star Hill yet before Nimbus Land. I'm not sure if that last part is right, so see her as soon as you can. Finally, the more Fireworks you have in your inventory after defeating Smithy, the better the fireworks display in the ending credits.Michael Pitcher
In order to get to the casino you need to win the Bright Card from the clown thing juggler, Knife Guy, in Booster's Tower. You need to win 12 times. Once you get the card go to Bean Valley near Land's End and go to where all the pipes are. Hop down the on that is all the way back and up. Go to the corner to the left of the chomp chomp and jump, to reveal a secret platform. Then just go on..Me
Ever wonder how to open that dang blasted door in Monstro Town? Well all you have to do is get a shiny stone from that little girl in Moleville. Now you can go fight Culex.. it is pretty cool, it has a FF2 battle song (if i remember right) and you fight the four crystals as well.. its a HARD battle.. I think I beat it on level 23 or so..but I recommend slightly higher.. this guy is harder then Smithy! :) Your reward is the Quartz Charm.Me