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Please take a few seconds pick your character and submit..how hard is that? If you are interested in how things are standing check the results.

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Choose -N/A- if you have not played the game and therefor do not know anything about the characters.

Also.. if your favorite character of all is say Rydia.. wouldn't she also be your favorite FF2 character too? It makes no sense to have a character as your favorite of all but not in the game they are from. So don't do that. It's kind of tedious to go through these votes so I just skip over the ones that do that :)
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Time to Vote

1. In FFVII, who is your favorite character?
2. In FF3/FF6j, who is your favorite character?
3. In FF2/FF4j, who is your favorite character?
4. In Chrono Trigger, who is your favorite character?
5. And of all these character, which is your favorite of them all?

Please tell me if there was a character that was your favorite that isn't listed here and any other comments/suggestions CLICK ONCE Please, Thanks: