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Emulation, as defined by Rubicant, is the playing of video games created for other consoles and gaming systems on your computer. Nearly every gaming system can be emulated. Even Playstation and Nintendo 64 emulators have began to pop up. In this section you will be able to find information on emulation, emulators, saved games, and more will probably come.

Emulation Saves - Saved files from you guys. These files are usually at certain key spots, high levels, rare items, and/or anything interesting.
Emulators are the programs that run the ROMs (aka the games). Some emulators are still being worked on, while others are nearly perfected. - Emulators
Newbie's guide to Emulation - A pathetic peice of text that I wrote, which will be updated soon. It may still help you if you are new to emulation though.
SPC->IT Conversion Soundtracks form are awesome music files created by Openspc. There's really no need for mp3s of snes music if you have these. They sound perfect. If you are an rpg music fan, check it out. - SPC->IT Conversion Soundtracks